As part of the ongoing exploration of a 4 Day School Week for Malta Schools, here is an example calendar of what a 4 day week school year would look like. 

Some highlights of the proposed 2024-25 Calendar- Please note:  This is a draft and has not been approved.

- Grades K-3 Student Day, 8:10-3:35 Which is a 5 Min. increase in their current day. Grades 4-12 student day, 8:00-3:50 which is a 30 Min. increase in their current day.

- Start of school year is a week early, which is the same time fall activities start.

- End of year is the same as the current school year.

- No school on Friday allows for families to make medical appointments, and minimize absenteeism.

- Our High School and Middle School students will gain instructional time with the reduction in absences for activities.

- Student hours: K-3 982 (262 Hrs. above Minimum requirements).

4-5 students 1096.5 (16.5 Hrs. above the Minimum requirements),

6-12 students 1122 Hrs. (42 Hrs. above Minimum requirements).

- 9-Professional Development days on Fridays (Teachers only) are flexible and efforts will be made to minimize scheduling against student activities.

- A 4-Day week will allow for better student morale, and additional family time. This makes Malta Schools comparable to districts in our area and removes the barrier in teacher recruitment.

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