Welcome Parents and Families

The mission of Malta Public Schools is to:

Ensure an alliance of school, family, and community, developing lifelong learners who value themselves, contribute to their society, and succeed in a changing world.

The Board holds, as its educational philosophy, that the public school is a tool of American democracy, through which each individual is provided opportunities for learning experiences which promote educational growth consistent with the individual's needs and society's expectations. These objectives or goals are necessary in order that the individual may develop
their capacities to:

  1. Learn and correctly and effectively apply basic skills in communication (speaking, listening, reading, writing), mathematics, science and its processes.

  2. Develop sound moral and ethical values, with a sense of responsibility for the property, privacy, and individual rights of others.
    3. Formulate and be motivated to persist in achieving attainable goals.
    4. Learn about and assume responsibility for living in harmony with and improving the natural environment.
    5. Learn the functions of society and contribute to the community in a constructive manner.
    6. Learn about, develop, and maintain a healthy body and mind.
    7. Foster and promote ideals of democratic citizenship through knowledge of political and governmental systems.
    8. Develop and maintain a positive attitude toward vocation-orientated activities.