Malta Public School District Announces Critical Building Infrastructure Upgrades

Malta Public School District is embarking on a series of essential building projects aimed at improving the overall safety, comfort, and functionality of its educational facilities. The district, Board of Trustees, and administration are all committed to addressing critical infrastructure needs to create a more conducive learning environment for its students and staff.

 Our current building projects include the HVAC system at the elementary school, the flat roof restoration at the Middle / High School, and the roof valleys at the north and east entrances at the Middle / High School.

 Elementary School HVAC System

The district recognizes the urgent need to upgrade the HVAC system at the Elementary School. The current system lacks the capability to provide fresh air intake throughout the facility. Furthermore, the existing in-floor heating system relies on original pipes from when the building was constructed in the 1950s. The proposed HVAC system upgrade will eliminate the need for these pipes, improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The HVAC project is set to be completed by early fall 2024.

 Middle/High School Flat Roof Restoration

The Middle/High School building's flat roof, which covers key areas such as the auditorium, gymnasium, and mechanical rooms (housing air handlers), is reaching the end of its lifespan. Roof leaks have been observed periodically over the last few years, which led to a deeper dig into the roof condition. A technician analyzed the roof early this summer with a formal report presented to the Building Committee in July. The report shows multiple signs of water intrusion have been detected, making it imperative to address this issue promptly. Without intervention, the district faces the risk of structural failure, which could lead to more extensive and costly damage. The restoration project is a proactive measure to safeguard the school building. This restoration project also includes repair of other areas on the roof including shingle ridge cap damage, metal flashing damage, and walk pad improvements. This project is set to start with some repair work this fall with final completion summer 2024.

 Roof Valley Heat Tape Installation

To enhance safety and prevent the formation of ice dams on the roofs of the Middle/High School at the east and north entrances, the district will install heat tape in the roof valleys. Ice dams can lead to hazardous conditions on sidewalks, gutter damage, and leaks within the building. This project aims to mitigate these risks and ensure a safer environment for students and staff. In 2018, the district added heat tape to the valleys of the cafeteria courtyard and south entrances and have noticed marked improvement in the reduction of ice dam formations. This project is set to be completed this fall.

 Project Funding

The district is committed to responsible financial management and has taken significant steps in reviewing all available funding sources and budget availability to prioritize these above projects. The projects will be utilized from the following funding sources.

 HVAC System

The project cost for the HVAC system upgrade is estimated at $1,050,000. Funding will be provided through a combination of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER) and Building Reserve Funds.

 Flat Roof Restoration

The projected cost for the flat roof restoration is $695,000. Funding will come from a combination of building insurance money (from the original construction of the building) and Building Reserve Funds.

 Roof Valley Heat Tape

The project cost for the installation of heat tape in the roof valleys is $17,645, which will be supported by Building Reserve Funds.

 The Malta Public School District would like to thank the community for their involvement in these projects. Without the recent taxpayer levy, these projects would likely be more difficult to fund and prioritize. The taxpayer levy of $1 million is being allocated to the district in $100,000 increments over ten years. This levy is dedicated to funding building maintenance and repairs and is credited to the Building Reserve Fund, ensuring the long-term sustainability of these essential projects.

 The Malta Public School District remains dedicated to providing a safe and enriching learning environment for its students and staff. These critical building projects represent a significant step towards achieving this goal. The district expresses its gratitude to the community for its continued support and investment in the future of Malta's education.